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Case IH Taiga Cooler

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TAIGA, pronounced (ty-gha), is the name given to the subarctic forest. Taiga is a veteran-owned cooler company that promises its products are as rugged and keep as cold as the Taiga itself.

As the founder and owners of Taiga Coolers, Adam (a farmer whose family used CASE IH equipment on their family farm exclusively for over 25 years) and John (veteran), believe coolers should be tough and durable.

They don't believe in cutting corners; just making a USA-made product they're proud to stand behind. That's why each cooler is made with R5 insulated Foam and interior gussets to give unbreakable strength and keep the cold colder.

The walls are made 3/16" thick no break, polypropylene with UV stabilizers to insure a lifetime of strength and durability as well as keep the raised embossed CASE IH logo permanent on the front of this Case IH Cooler.

This cooler is a drop shipped item that ships from a separate warehouse in 2-3 weeks. Made in the USA. Discount promotions do not apply to drop ship items.

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